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At Miracle of Life - Gender Reveal Ultrasound



Is baby a boy or a girl?!!!

Let me be a part of this special time and allow me to answer that question that you have been asking for weeks now.

If you would like me to determine gender but not tell you in the day I can do that and even have beautiful keepsake ‘It’s a Boy’ and ‘It’s a Girl’ cards available for $3 each. Given to you in an envelope and sealed ready to open when you are ready!

Miracle of Life’s Gender Reveal package is

~ Scan available between 14-20 weeks
~ 10min Ultrasound in 2D ONLY
~ Heartbeat sounding
~ Gender determination
~ All images emailed to you immediately following session!
~ Available for multiples – $30 extra per sweet baby
Beyond 20 weeks gestation you will be required to upgrade to the Silver, Golden or Platinum packages.

* Gestation requirements for Gender Reveal are very strict, you will need to be at least 14 weeks for a accurate determination and if you are further along than 20 weeks you will be required to upgrade your package

** Gender Determination is to the best of my professional ability however,

Due to many reasons if I am unable to get the gender on the day, we will invite you back again the following week for FREE! Sometimes, distinguishing baby’s gender is not so easy, due to your baby’s position, developmental stage, the amount of amniotic fluid around baby, cord between baby’s legs or your own body mass. At Miracle of Life, I will endeavour to do my very best to determine the gender.

***Available on all open days and comes with our FREE Comeback guarantee! (If I feel that your baby is not co-operating on the day, I will invite your back for a free catch up session to ensure you get some beautiful images.


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