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BoobBead - Keepsake DNA/Breastmilk European Bead



BoobBeads in the form of a European bead are a perfect addition to your charm bracelet or to be worn on a necklace. These precious beads will fit a Pandora style bracelet or necklace.

Creating something tangible, feeling a connection to something or someone once feared lost can be so healing and empowering. Maybe you want to celebrate an achievement like the massive commitment of breastfeeding, or the time when your child was so tiny and you were their entire world.

Some fear that a keepsake piece cannot be made if there is no physical DNA to use as an inclusion, please know this is not the case. Something that makes you feel a connection to a moment, a person, an event will make the perfect NON DNA inclusion for a wearable holdable piece.

Soul crafting a love laced piece of what makes you who you are, is an honour.

When selecting your glitters, shimmers and flakes, if you choose to not have something in the drop down options please select NONE.

All jewellery purchases require a short phone call or in person meeting to discuss design so I can craft the perfect piece for you.




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